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Typhoons are most frequent in Kochi during the autumn.
Most damage caused by heavy rain occurs in the rainy season which usually starts in June.
Please check the following information.

Precautions for Typhoons

-Pay attention to weather reports.
  *Please try to connect  website of Japan Meteorological Agency.
    There is latest information of Typhoon,local forecast,and so on.
- Listen to TV and radio weather reports and disaster prevention reports.
- To prepare against power cuts have a flashlight, candles, portable battery operated radio etc.
- In case of evacuation know where your local evacuation area is.
- Make sure you know how to contact someone else in your neighborhood.
- Have cash, bank account, seal (personal hanko) and valuables etc.,collected together to take with you.
- Moreover,have drinking water, food rations, first aid supplies etc., on hand
- Inspect roof (tiles or corrugated roofing), windows, shutters, antennas and signboards etc.,
  to make sure they're not loose and reinforce them if necessary.

During a Storm or Flood

-Pay attention to weather reports.
-Have flashlights, battery operated radio, candles and matches at hand.(preparation for power cuts)  
-Gather valuables, clothing, food medical supplies.(preparation for evacuation)

Flooding and Landslides

- In areas prone to flooding, place household goods on platforms or in the upper stories of the house.
- Take precautions against fires. Turn off the main gas valve and switch off any electrical appliances.
- Be aware if you home is near a cliff or steep slope that there is a danger of landslides during continuous heavy rain.
- When evacuating your home check that all switches and gas flames are OFF and close doors.
- Households with elderly, infants, or the sick etc., should be evacuated early with the help of family members or neighbors.


*Mainly,evacuation places are set up elemntaly schools and junior high scools in Kochi City.
*If dangerous area will be supecify,notice of evacuation to refuges will be announced
  by the City Office on all TV and radio stations.

- Check the safety of your escape route.
- Stay in a group if you can.
- Keep luggage to a minimum.
- Assist the elderly, the sick, and children.

Reporting Damage

*If there is a damage near your home, please report it in the following manner:

- Location of damage (nearby landmarks, area name and number)
- Kind of damage and the approximate time it took place
- Your name and telephone number of person to contact


- Kochi City office 822-8111
- Fire department 822-8151
- nearby police station

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-高知市役所    822-8111
-高知市消防本部 822-8151
-近隣の警察署       110