Kochi Castle

Construction of Kochi Castle, which towers above the center of Kochi City, was started in 1601 by the first lord of the Tosa Clan, Yamanouchi Kazutoyo. It is nationally designated as one of Japan’s Important Cultural Properties. Only three castles in Japan have both their main keep and main gate still intact, and Kochi Castle is the only one where both can be easily photographed in one shot. The main keep commands a panoramic view of Kochi City. Around the castle grounds there are statues of Lord Yamanouchi Kazutoyo and his wife Chiyo, who is famous for her support behind the scenes. There is also a statue of Itagaki Taisuke, who was the leader of the Liberty and People’s Rights Movement.
Access 10 minutes by streetcar from Kochi Station. Get off at Kochijo-mae, and walk for 5 minutes.